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asdfghjkl bc this is too much for 1 am and i just can’t express in words the exact feeling exploding like fireworks in my chest right now. 

This blog will always remind me how much of an irresponsible person I was. Good thing though, I changed. It’s funny how we sometimes look back and realize how immature and stupid we were back then. 

don’t look for your missing fragments
in someone else’s life,
what you lost is just right there in your head—forgotten.

“ Have you ever compared yourself to your classmates, family or people on the streets? I have. ”

"Novels aren’t just happy escapes; they are slivers of people’s souls, nailed to the pages, dripping ink from veins of wood pulp. Reading the right one at the right time can make all the difference."

― Brandon Sanderson (via burninggravity)

(via adrenalinella)

Maybe it’s not really an ending after all. Maybe we just need to find the right words that would fit perfectly with our blogs. I don’t know, I feel like coming back in here and yeah, do some blogging again. 

Perfect -.-